How to Make Sure Your Phone Doesn’t Get a Scratch on It

For many people, their phones are their most prized possession and they would do anything to protect them from scratches, falls and other forms of mishandling which, incidentally, cost a lot of money in the form of repairs. Then, there are those who love their phones but do not know how to keep them scratch-free. It’s for those “phonophiles” we have compiled a list of basic handling tips to ensure your phone retains its newness.

  1. Have a separate case for it: Your handbag will have keys, pens, and other sundry items which can scratch your phone screen but when it is protected with a case it is always safe; there are several interesting options on https://www.luxtime.su/wallet/louis-vuitton-wallet.In case you don’t have a case, ensure that the phone is always facing your thigh when kept in a pocket.
  2. Grip it strongly: Do not multitask with your phone because the probability that it will fall and crack is far greater than when you hold it firmly in your hand with the thumb free to navigate. Or better still always use both hands. Always be aware of where you are while handling your phone and use your common sense.
  3. Don’t leave it unattended: By leaving your phone anywhere and everywhere you are exposing it to damage as either someone might drop something on it or even sit on it. Always keep it in a safe place away from small children and pets.
  4. Use screen protectors: You can put a screen protector to keep the original screen safe and intact. There are several varieties to choose from; the most durable obviously is that of tempered glass but you can choose any tough grade plastic protector and it will do the job. It is cheaper to replace a protector than a damaged screen.