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    Five Ways to use technology in your coaching

    Major changes are happening in our day to day life due to technological advancement. From new electronics to apps, a new item of the latest technology is introduced to the world.  In the field of sports and fitness, technology has impacted each and every aspect.  It has made the coaching job much easier.  It has helped in getting the best performance out of the sportsmen. Also, there are various online sites wherein you could get loads of information about fitness, weight loss, etc such as AskMaryRD. Below mentioned are different ways the technology is helping in the coaching field.

    Performance and training- With the availability of different monitoring systems to measure the progress, the coaches could see how their trainees are performing at each point during the workout or the competition.  Just like machinery, the trainee’s performance could be assessed just by looking at a dashboard and the coaches are like mechanics that help in fine-tuning them so that they give the best performance.

    Video analysis- Every coach has got a tablet, smartphone or recording device so that all the performance of their trainee is recorded. The video helps in analyzing the performance frame by frame and it offers strategic performance enhancements.  

    Communication management – Different apps are available which helps in saving time communicating with the teams, leagues, and clubs. These apps will help in scheduling, administering and communicating each and every aspect of a workout.

    Lowered the admin work- Earlier days,  time of the coaches was wasted doing admin job instead of focusing on improving the performance of their trainees.  Now there is a management tool that helps in taking care of all the mundane admin work and makes the job easier.

    Wearable’s- These wearables are fitted with GPS units and sensors which helps a lot while training as it helps in keeping track of the performance. …